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ByAjani 2015 ByAjani 2015 ByAjani 2015 ByAjani 2015Repeating the same exercise with the same reps will not get you anywhere. In order to progress you can’t repeat the same workouts, you’re going to have to challenge yourself if you want better results. One Day you do 50 squats, the next time you workout aim for 60, the next time 70 and so on. Also, many exercises have different levels of difficulty. For example, tricep dips can be done with your knees bent(easier version) or with your legs out straight(harder version). Go with the easy version and once you pretty much master it begin practicing the more difficult version of the exercise. This is how you get stronger!

What I’ve learned about exercises like kickbacks is that in order to get those big bubble butts most of you ladies want, you have to add weights. When doing kickbacks you can add ankle weights to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Once you master a glute workout but your butt still isn’t the size you want it to be or as strong as you want it to be, start using weights. You can do a bunch of squats but can you do squat thrusts with a kettle bell? The same thing goes for something like your abs. Using your own body weight sculpts your abdominals a certain way, when you add weights, it will sculpt your abs even more.

Not every trend is one you need to follow. I’ve done a ton of reading and spoke to some experts and what I have learned is that gluten will not cause you real harm unless you are allergic to it. If you are eating healthy on a daily basis, having gluten in your diet is not a serious thing. It’s not like eating trans fat or something. I always laugh when people are like “I don’t eat gluten”, and they can’t give a solid, scientifically correct answer.

Beware of health & fitness myths. Make sure you do your own research as well. Not every source out here is credible.

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