Body Care

Hail to the V

This one right here is for all my ladies, some of you may know the knowledge I’m about to drop, some of you may not.

Feminine hygiene is so important and I feel like too many of us aren’t educated on how to properly take care of our private parts. Here are some facts/tips to help you ladies who may not know whats best for you.

Products like Summer’s Eve and Vagisil are not products you should be using daily, even though they are labeled as feminine washes. It is okay to use them once in a while. Using natural soaps like the ones I have mentioned in previous posts are better to use on the daily. Dr. Bonner’s is a perfect example of a good. (Peppermint may not be the best one to use down there cause it will give you a little burn, nothing harmful of course.

Eating healthy will always be on the list. Eating healthier gets rid of poor feminine odor. Drinking a lot of water is definitely one of the keys to eliminating poor feminine odor. Drinking things like soda and beverages that are only about 2% real juice will not help. They increase feminine odor, believe it or not. Drinks that are healthy for you will not have the same affect. I’m aware many of you have been fed the lie that pineapple juice will get rid of feminine odor. There is some truth and lie behind. 100% pineapple juice is good for you, but it will not completely eliminate feminine odor. However, drinking 100% pineapple juice is better for you than drinking those “pineapple juices” that are mostly sugar. To put it frankly, drinking water more than anything else is your best bet.

Now ladies, we all know UTI’s and other infections are easy to get if you’re not clean and careful. You should always urinate after sexual intercourse. Why? During sex it is possible for you to get bacteria up in there, close to your urethra. Urinating flushes out that bacteria and most of the time prevents you from getting a UTI. If you don’t feel the need to pee still go to the restroom an try. Not feeling that urge to pee could be a sign of dehydration.

There is so much more to feminine hygiene I just went over some things I felt needed to be said. After all, who runs the world? Girls.

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