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Why I Fit



” I love my body .” I’ve always hated when people use that excuse for them being unhealthy/overweight. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against those people, but if you truly loved your body, you would do what’s right for.  If you are properly taking care of your body you won’t be overweight. I’m not saying you’ll be skinny either. Some people are meant to be thick, others aren’t. Lita Lewis is an example of a fit woman who isn’t skinny. That’s why her hashtag is #THICKFIT.

I am simply saying if you truly love your body, let it be in its natural healthy state. That means a more natural diet and exercise.

I can understand the feeling of not being placed under society’s idea of beautiful. I am a black female with stretch marks on her but, a face that isn’t slim like a super model and I’m very short. So it doesn’t make sense to me when people say  that they don’t care about being skinny because that’s what society wants them to be. . .

Listen, it’s not about being skinny and don’t do it for anyone else but yourself. Being healthy and fit is all about self-love. If you love your body, you would want what’s best for it. Healthy diet and exercise is truly what is best for your body. That will remain true until the end of time.

This is WHY I FIT. I stay healthy and fit not to be skinny but to be at my best. I want my body to reach its full potential and be capable to do many different things. I don’t want to eat things that aren’t good for me because I’d rather spend more time doing what I love then getting sick from being unhealthy. I embrace my body, no matter what society thinks. I do this for myself and you should too!

Photos Taken by Shevon Miller.


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