Cleopatra’s Army Prepares For Battle

IMG_6063IMG_6054IMG_6074 IMG_6103 IMG_6119 IMG_6124 IMG_6142 IMG_6169I am proud to announce that this weekend, Saturday November 15th and Sunday November 16th, I will be holding my first bootcamp. Cleopatra’s Army Bootcamp is not my first experience as an instructor but I have never instructed alone, this will be my first time. I wanted to do something aside from Double A Fitness, that would work all parts of the body so I decided to create this beginners bootcamp.

People tend to complain about being outdoors for more than 5 minutes when the weather gets colder. I am here to tell you that even though the bootcamp is outdoors during November, if you do the workouts as instructed you won’t be cold. You will be bringing your body temperature up and working up a sweat.

As far as clothing goes what I’m wearing in the awesome pics above will do just fine.  I’ll be wearing pretty much the same outfit during the two sessions this weekend.  A hoodie (not to be worn while training however), a long sleeve fitted shirt, spandex, and sneakers that are made to train in (not Roshe Run sneakers, they are strictly a lifestyle shoe).

The sneakers are train in are heavenly. IMG_6070The Nike Zoom Agility sneakers are so comfortable to train in. I tried them for the first time at a Nike Training Club event and just knew I had to have them. My favorite part of the sneaker is definitely the bottom. The hexagons make so many exercises easier because they add cushioning where your feet hit the ground the most. Now I am not saying you have to wear these sneakers, these are just my top choice.

I cannot wait to see everyone who will be joining me at the Cleopatra’s Army Bootcamp this weekend. It is only $10 per session and will only require a little over an hour of your time. Come out, and sweat with me!

Again, thank you to Ajani for taking these amazing photos. Also a big shootouts to the artist Vew who created the Nike design on the truck. As for the flyer in the header, thank you to Andy Mac for capturing me. I am surrounded by talented people!


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