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My Untitled Diet

I have been asked so many questions about my diet so this is me covering some FAQs.


Grabbing a quick drink at Rejuvenate.
Grabbing a quick drink at Rejuvenate.

I was raised as a vegetarian and the first time I ever had any kind of junk food, I was six years old and it was the fun size bag of skittles. My eating went downhill from there up until about a few years ago, I decided it was time to do the smart thing and take care of my body.

Now, I have pretty much tried it all and I am no longer a vegetarian, so to speak. Although I have tried a lot of junk food I AM OVER IT. I don’t drink soda, eat fried foods, or any kind of food that contains ingredients that even google barely knows.  I especially DO NOT EAT FAST FOOD. My diet is pretty simply yet intricate. I am aware that kind of makes no sense.

My reason for saying “so to speak” to the vegetarian part is because I will not eat any kind of meat unless I know every detail of the slain animal’s life. For example, place like McDonald’s, Burger King, or even Boar’s Head meat from the Bodega don’t fly with me anymore. I’ve seen the movies like Food Inc. and Supersize Me and I have even read the book Fast Food Nation. I am way too educated to sit around and poison my body. In order for me to eat meat, I need it to be as fresh as possible and for it to have been properly taken care of. Properly taken care of means it was kept in clean conditions and fed proper food (food not made by humans). I’ll stop there because, what they feed the animals is another discussion entirely.

I have been drinking soy milk since my mother stopped breast feeding, I couldn’t drink real milk even if I tried. Now I am transitioning to Almond Milk because I am slightly spooked about the new found dangers of soy milk. When I make my protein shakes, I make them with almond milk now. In addition, I don’t drink anything aside from water/coconut water, DripDrop, and the juices from Rejuvenate Juice Bar. These are all healthy choices to keep me away from horrible things like grape soda.

What makes it easy for me to have this kind of diet is I was already raised on it, so it’s merely a “coming home” for me. I realize it could be a lot harder for someone who has been eating junk most of their life. I eat this way because I care about my body. I hope this covered most, if not all, of your questions.


11 thoughts on “My Untitled Diet

  1. Hi my name is Kalsum I seen your Instagram on explor & you’ve really modavated me. I have a question? How do I maintain a good body when I barley eat ? And what should I eat to maintain a good stomach.?


  2. Awesome blogs . Love reading your stuff . I also took charge in living a healthier lifestyle . Decided to take care of the only body we have here on earth.


  3. Hi my name is Tierra
    I’m a freshmen in college and I’m having trouble eating right and staying fit while in college. I want to get in shape but being a college student is time consuming and I find myself not wanting to do any type of fitness activity. Do you have any advice that could possibly help.


  4. I am so compelled by you and you truly inspire me. I am a senior at Democracy Prep Charter School who is working on a community based project in order to graduate. I would love if you promoted my cause or came to my event. My project is on the lack of diversity in theatre my Instagram page is @art.diversity. I am raising awareness to the lack of minorities in the arts. This was the only way I knew how to get in contact with you but please email me if you ever get the chance. Thank you!


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