Drinking at different BARZ .

I’ve been asking myself lately “Cleo, what the heck took you so long to begin your fitness journey?” . . . You want to know why I’ve been pondering that?! It’s because I’ve met some amazing people these past couple of months. Bartendaz that has blown me away. I am honored to be a part of this group and in doing so, inspiring other people to want to join the movement.

IMG_2839 IMG_2833


Allow me to introduce the man who started the Bartendaz movement many years ago Giant a.k.a. Hassan Yasin a.k.a. the BarFather. He has easily become one of my mentors and in just two weeks helped me a lot. I admire people who are passionate and aren’t all talk and that is exactly the kind of person Giant is. He is this week’s “New Yorker of the week” via NY1 news. You can catch us both in the segment here. Sadly, they didn’t use my one on one interview *sheds tear*.

If you thought that Bartendaz was strictly a guy thing, trust me I am not the first female to be a Bartenda.

IMG_2434Meet my sister in arms Earth! She has been a Bartenda longer than me and it shows. She helped train me my first day exercising with the Bartendaz. It’s cool learning from someone who you can relate to. There are more males in Bartendaz than there all females, but that would NEVER intimidate us.

IMG_2828Butterfly and Frenchie are two other women I have met while Bartending. They both showed me some awesome moves to work on my core and I can’t wait to use them in my next class. 

All of you should check out the Bartendaz website if you want to learn more about us.




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