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Pretty Girls Sweat and the Gym Rat Race

Shameless Maya & I.

IMG_0189 IMG_0124 IMG_0024 IMG_0236


A quick icebreaker before our 45 minute workout.
Miss Grand Haiti and myself.


Personal trainer/ Mentor Rebecca and I.
Personal trainer/ Mentor Rebecca and I.

IMG_0290IMG_9958IMG_0250 IMG_0292 IMG_0298Is it not obvious that I love PRETTY GIRL SWEAT ?! Yesterday’s event was fabulous. I had so much fun working out with these wonderful ladies. Youtube sensation Shameless Maya was in attendance, not only did she participate in the Gym Rat Race but she also spoke about her fitness background among other things. There were great prizes given out and good vibes all around.

Now you’re probably wondering what on earth is a Gym Rat Race? The Gym Rat Race is a method of getting fit created by trainer Courtney Alexander. I thought it was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to bond with the other girls.

There was one thing that happened yesterday that touched me most of all. A young lady named Miyoshi approached me and told me how much I inspired her. It made me feel great and I know I can’t stop now.  I have people like Miyoshi counting on me. These events are so great because you can exercise and help empower or be empowered. I hope now even more girls will register for the next event.

All photos taken by Ajani.



4 thoughts on “Pretty Girls Sweat and the Gym Rat Race

  1. Hey my name is victoria and you have also inspired me. I really want to be a part of pretty girls sweat and maybe even become a mentor myself. Can you please tell me how I can participate in the next event and how you became a mentor. Also I love what you have been doing. I love your confidence n swag. I wish to have confidence like you in the near future. I always look forward to reading each of your posts and seeing what new outfit your gonna come up with on Instagram LOL. I love you and hopefully one day I can be like you but in my own image :-). Have a nice day love <3..P.S: it would be nice if you respond. I know you may be busy a lot . 🙂


  2. Your really amazing and a beautiful individual!! I’m sooo glad I got to meet you yesterday & thank you for being a great inspiration not just to me but to all girls out there!


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