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It’s Good to be Bananas!

IMG_7605IMG_7609IMG_7601 IMG_7623 IMG_7584Cleopatra Lee is never too busy to spend some time outdoors and get a good workout in.

A big thanks to my friends at Diamante Wear in Poland for the sweatshirt, and I love my nike dri-fit leggings & Roshe Runs. Also a big shout-out to Pretty Girls Sweat for my awesome “Sweat”  Beanie.

I wanted to focus on the picture of the water bottle and the banana. Not many people know this about me but I love Bananas! Banana is such a great fruit. It is an excellent energy food that contains certain minerals that enhance and repair muscle function. It also gives your body carbohydrates that help with your athletic performance. I tend to eat Bananas after my workouts to bring me back to life in a sense.

The water bottle I am holding in the pictures above is from Bobble. They are really cool water bottles that come with a filter and a set of instructions on how to properly use the bottle. It has become my new favorite water bottle to use honestly.

My nail technician Quay did a wonderful job as you can see !

All these photos were taken by Ajani Brathwaite



2 thoughts on “It’s Good to be Bananas!

  1. This was a good post. You are my motivation to get in shape. However can you do a skin care routine because your skin is flawless


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