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Take a Breather ByAjani ByAjani ByAjani ByAjani ByAjaniSaturday evening I got to take a nice relaxing break from the world in my Breather space.  Breather just recently launched in NYC and is “a network of beautiful city spaces you can unlock at anytime”.

I booked three hours with Breather. During that time I ate a bagel, made business plans with my boyfriend (who took these photos) , talked to my homies Flo and Cee, and did some drawing.  My favorite part about my Breather experience was the jar of tootsie rolls that were available to me. I love tootsie rolls!

The space is to be used wisely. It’s not meant to be used as a party space for you to invite a crowd of people, because that isn’t what breather is about. It is more like a space to hold small meetings or to just get away from the world in general. Until your time is up though, you can quietly get some work done, take a nap, read, write draw. . . Whatever. Breather gives you books to read (not to keep), a drawing pad, and writing utensils so do not worry if you didn’t bring your own. It’s too dope!

But don’t let me cloud your vision, try it for yourself! I downloaded the Breather app to my iphone but you can also check out their website here if you want more information!



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