Rape is never justified

So about a week ago a counselor I talk to occasionally suggested I make this video and put it on the internet because a lot of people seem to know of me. At first I was totally opposed to the idea and told her I wouldn’t do it. When I brought it up to my boyfriend he thought it would be a good idea and helped me make it.

I felt a little weird making it and had a lot of trouble not saying “umm” so there are parts that had to be taken out. We wanted it to be as coherent as possible. Also sorry if the beginning is a little too dramatic. I really was staring at something in my lap and was terribly nervous. My braces are the cause of me sounding like a have a lisp. I tried changing the thumbnail 1,000 times but it’ll just have to look weird forever. I do not like how I look at all. I think that about covers all of my issues with the video.

Like I said in the video, the only thing I want from this is positive feedback. I do not want anyone feeling sorry for me or anything like that. Keep in mind women all across the world are raped EVERYDAY. This is a very serious and real topic to me.

If you know of any more organizations than the ones listed in the video, please feel free to comment them. 


7 thoughts on “Rape is never justified

  1. Stay strong hun its so sad that you had to go through that i my self was a victim of Molestation as a kid n it was hard and Embarrassing as a kid to tell any one but getting it off my cheat really help because every night i would have night mares of being raped it wasnt a good feeling at all but i spoke out and felr better


  2. Hey boo I am so very proud of you for making a video like this and being able to share such a story that comes with a lot of hurt and comes from a place not many people understand, but I do, so once again it was really cool of you to do this video and I hope you continue to inspire people.


  3. that is so big of u to do that.i lost my verginity to rape.i droped charges and he is in jail now for raping someone else.he was the son of a pastor i couldnt understand y someone would do that.i have overcome it


  4. Ive been following you for a long time now and this just makes me see a whole new side of you. I too am a victim of rape. Did I talk to annoy about it? No. Its not until years later I decided to speak up. It hard. But its harder to hold back and try to forget about something and treat it like it didn’t happen because it is. Stray strong. ❤


  5. I’m really sorry that happened to you I have two younger sisters that I love unconditionally and I could bare to know that this is a possibility and it’s really not your fault some men just don’t know how to control themselves


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