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Nappily Ever After

Even though this blog isn’t just about my hair, I got a flood of questions on Instagram about my natural hair also.  One of my favorite styles to do is a Bantu knot-take out, which is just basically putting your hair in Bantu knots, sleeping with them, then taking them out when you want to.

I don’t have any pictures of my hair in knots but there are plenty of videos on YouTube that give great information on how to do them. However,  I can give you a breakdown of how I complete the style, how the results look, and next time I’ll create my own video.

Cleo’s Breakdown –

1.  Wash my hair with Carol’s Daughter Monoi repairing shampoo. And air dry until the hair is still a little damp but not too wet. The curls always come out more defined for me if my hair is slightly damp.

2. Then I begin the knots. I apply about a dab of nature’s blessing hair grease to each knot.

*Make sure you do not use too much product, no matter what it is. If you use too much, the curls will not turn out properly.*

A lot of people use a comb to part the knots but I just use my fingers. I don’t like to have precise parts when I do them because I prefer my curls to be all over the place. The smaller the knot, the more defined the curl.


3. I wear them to sleep and take them out when I wake  up in the morning. I use my fingers to undo the knots, then spread out the curls making my hair look full. I like my curls a little wild but they are easy to manipulate them however you want.

4. These are the results I get.

Results of regular Bantu Knot-out
Results of regular Bantu Knot-out
The results of a regular Bantu knot-out

Sometimes I like to style the curls a little bit and create a Mohawk. All you need is some bobby pins to hold the curls back and a brush to push back the sides.

Bantu Knot-Out styled into a mohawk
Bantu Knot-Out Styled into a mohawk



12 thoughts on “Nappily Ever After

  1. Will you try to talk more about your natural hair?..would it be possible for you to show us how it look when wet/ fully out with no product or anything ? 🙂 I’m sorry, but one more question; Do you know any other hairstyles?… Okay one more then I’m REALLY out ! Lol… Would you mind showing us your length/ telling us how long you’ve been natural? Lol


    1. Sure . Right now I have in a weave so it would be impossible to show you my natural hair right now . I’ve been natural my whole life but I’ve been going without heat for 4 months now. I do know other hairstyles as well . More to come in future postings !


  2. Is carols daughter your favorite shampoo&conditioner you’ve tried? My hairs very damaged from wearing weaves and I’m trying to get it back to health, so I’m on the search for good products. They’re pretty pricey, are they really worth it?


  3. Your hair is so beautiful. When you flat iron your hair how do you get your roots and edges to stay flat since you are natural? I’m texlaxed and I’m not used to my hair being more in its natural state so sometimes I’ll flat iron but I can never get my roots or edges straight like the rest of my hair. I need to know your secret lol


  4. Your hair is so beautiful. I have a texlaxed head of hair and I’m not used to my hair being more in its natural state so I flat iron sometimes. How do you get your roots and edges so flat? Do you crank up the heat on the flat iron lol?


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