Drink Drip Drop!


Being a brand ambassador has been pretty cool for me these last couple of years. When a brand can really help people, that’s always a plus.

You have probably seen one of my several posts on instagram, twitter, Facebook and so on, about Drip Drop. Drip Drop is a hydration powder that you mix in with water. It is not supposed to be a substitute for water so please keep that in mind, it is there to hydrate you and it does its job. Right now there are two flavors, lemon & berry. I personally prefer lemon because I like my drinks a little bitter. I would recommend berry for those of you with a sweet tooth.

I took my time to really learn about this product and it is really great. I am very confused as to why everyone doesn’t keep some drip drop in their house. Finally, people are starting to realize that drinks like gatorade and vitamin water are just glorified bottles of sugar water and aren’t really healthy for you. Drip Drop is healthy for you though! For me, it always works instantly. I am rarely ever dehydrated because I either always have Drip Drop on me or I drank enough water.

For you drinkers out there, Drip Drop also gets rid of hangovers. You know those headaches you guys get when you wake up after a long night with alcohol? 99% of the time you are dehydrated and that is what is causing you to have a headache. If you had some handy dandy Drip Drop you can eliminate that headache because of it’s awesome hydration formula. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of my family/friends rush to pick up Drip Drop for their Katzenjammers. Everyone said it worked for them as soon as they finished their cup. Yes, it’s that good.

Photo on 3-23-15 at 7.05 PMEven though I like lemon better I still drink berry!

Moral of the story is, GO PICK UP SOME DRIP DROP. They sell Drip Drop in Walgreens and in CVS(sometimes it is located in the baby isle). You can also purchase it on Drip Drop’s website here. I always have plenty of boxes at my classes for people to take with them as well.




Health & Fitness Myths

ByAjani 2015 ByAjani 2015 ByAjani 2015 ByAjani 2015Repeating the same exercise with the same reps will not get you anywhere. In order to progress you can’t repeat the same workouts, you’re going to have to challenge yourself if you want better results. One Day you do 50 squats, the next time you workout aim for 60, the next time 70 and so on. Also, many exercises have different levels of difficulty. For example, tricep dips can be done with your knees bent(easier version) or with your legs out straight(harder version). Go with the easy version and once you pretty much master it begin practicing the more difficult version of the exercise. This is how you get stronger!

What I’ve learned about exercises like kickbacks is that in order to get those big bubble butts most of you ladies want, you have to add weights. When doing kickbacks you can add ankle weights to increase the difficulty of the exercise. Once you master a glute workout but your butt still isn’t the size you want it to be or as strong as you want it to be, start using weights. You can do a bunch of squats but can you do squat thrusts with a kettle bell? The same thing goes for something like your abs. Using your own body weight sculpts your abdominals a certain way, when you add weights, it will sculpt your abs even more.

Not every trend is one you need to follow. I’ve done a ton of reading and spoke to some experts and what I have learned is that gluten will not cause you real harm unless you are allergic to it. If you are eating healthy on a daily basis, having gluten in your diet is not a serious thing. It’s not like eating trans fat or something. I always laugh when people are like “I don’t eat gluten”, and they can’t give a solid, scientifically correct answer.

Beware of health & fitness myths. Make sure you do your own research as well. Not every source out here is credible.

Photos By Ajani

The Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I have always disliked the smell of vinegar. It’s so strong and strange! When my father first asked me to drink some I was like Wow, he has finally lost it. All these years of being crazy and he has finally hit the climax. 

Thankfully, I know so much more about vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar to be exact. Apply cider vinegar has so many benefits that few people actually know about. I’ve been using the Bragg’s brand of apple cider vinegar for years now and it has definitely come in handy.

I initially started using it for my stomach problems when I was about 13. Drinking apple cider vinegar MIXED WITH WATER for stomach aches is great. Unless the problem is an ulcer, it should fix you up within minutes. Apple cider vinegar also helps prevent indigestion. It works for my whole family and I am sure it will work for you.

If you have hiccups, swallow a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. You have bad breath? Either drink apple cider vinegar with water or gargle it without any water. Do that a few times a week and your breath will be fine. I used to be skeptical about it because I don’t think vinegar smells good itself so I didn’t know how it would help bad breath, but it works!

The gargling also helps whiten your teeth, remove stains, and kills certain bacteria that can be found in your mouth. Apple cider vinegar can also help with getting rid of certain cold symptoms.Isn’t apple cider vinegar pretty awesome? This one natural product can help you with so many things and you can get it the supermarket. Make sure is pure/raw apple cider vinegar when you purchase it so it will really do its job.

Most of these remedies are do to the fact that certain germs in the body cannot handle the acidic(amino acids) environment apple cider vinegar provides. I purchase mine from Whole Foods, but I am sure there are other places that sell raw, organic apple cider vinegar.IMG_9431 IMG_9404

Photos By Ajani

Hail to the V

This one right here is for all my ladies, some of you may know the knowledge I’m about to drop, some of you may not.

Feminine hygiene is so important and I feel like too many of us aren’t educated on how to properly take care of our private parts. Here are some facts/tips to help you ladies who may not know whats best for you.

Products like Summer’s Eve and Vagisil are not products you should be using daily, even though they are labeled as feminine washes. It is okay to use them once in a while. Using natural soaps like the ones I have mentioned in previous posts are better to use on the daily. Dr. Bonner’s is a perfect example of a good. (Peppermint may not be the best one to use down there cause it will give you a little burn, nothing harmful of course.

Eating healthy will always be on the list. Eating healthier gets rid of poor feminine odor. Drinking a lot of water is definitely one of the keys to eliminating poor feminine odor. Drinking things like soda and beverages that are only about 2% real juice will not help. They increase feminine odor, believe it or not. Drinks that are healthy for you will not have the same affect. I’m aware many of you have been fed the lie that pineapple juice will get rid of feminine odor. There is some truth and lie behind. 100% pineapple juice is good for you, but it will not completely eliminate feminine odor. However, drinking 100% pineapple juice is better for you than drinking those “pineapple juices” that are mostly sugar. To put it frankly, drinking water more than anything else is your best bet.

Now ladies, we all know UTI’s and other infections are easy to get if you’re not clean and careful. You should always urinate after sexual intercourse. Why? During sex it is possible for you to get bacteria up in there, close to your urethra. Urinating flushes out that bacteria and most of the time prevents you from getting a UTI. If you don’t feel the need to pee still go to the restroom an try. Not feeling that urge to pee could be a sign of dehydration.

There is so much more to feminine hygiene I just went over some things I felt needed to be said. After all, who runs the world? Girls.

Don’t forget my class February 28th, that’s this Saturday. The flyer is part of my previous post so check that out! Also the shades I am wearing in my header are called “Cleopatra” from Skyline FramesByAjani 2015

Green Beret Training

Next week Saturday I will be having my first class of 2015.I’ll have so much talking to do at this class, that I will keep this post brief.

Saturday February 28th, come join me, the General of Cleopatra’s Army, for an exercise class unlike any other you have ever been to. It will be a full body workout, we will not just be targeting one area. I regret to inform you that this class will be for ladies only but in a few months, males will be able to attend as well.

Don’t mind the crapy flyer, I made it last minute.



If you read my previous post I briefly mentioned how excited I am about this class, and if you have been to one of my classes before- expect something different. As usual I’ll have plenty of water and DripDrop boxes to give you ladies who attend.  Dress how you would dress to workout, DUH! See you there, PLEASE COME ON TIME ! lol

For any further information feel free to contact me on any of my social networks or leave a comment on this post.

What I’m Really About

I am fired up. I have a lot to say.

I want to be help make this world a better place but, please understand I will never be perfect. How many people are following me, how I take pictures, my appearance, how much money I have shouldn’t matter to you, but changing the world in a positive should matter to you.

I am almost 19 years old and I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life and that is bring people together. My way of brining people together is through health and fitness because that is what I am great at. I want you, yes you reading this, to become a healthier person, regardless of who you are or where you come from. Even if I don’t personally like you, put that to the side for now because that doesn’t even matter when it comes to the following. . .

I’m trying to start a “fire” so that places like Harlem get the same kind of supermarkets that people living in on the Upper East Side of Manhattan have access to. I’m trying to start a fire so that people who don’t have a lot of money don’t view eating healthy as they can’t afford and is a waste of their time. Are you fully educated on the food you eat? Why not? You should be questioning the things that enter your body! Don’t you wonder why there are no Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s type of supermarkets in the hood? Why can’t you pick up quinoa salad at your corner store? And let’s say you do live in a neighborhood that has all this or something similar. . . Why aren’t you fighting for the people who don’t? How is that fair? Not enough is being done. I see the problem, I am going to be a part of the solution.

Don’t assume because I’m black I only want this for black people, I want this for EVERYONE who does not already have this. Say what you want about me but I am hear to help. I refuse to waste my gifts just getting cute for Instagram. I don’t understand how people can have a large following but don’t steer the followers in a positive direction.

My fitness class on February 28th will be the best one I have ever had. I have a new approach, new workouts, new ideas, but the same goal. I’m starting in NYC because that is where I live. Let’s get NYC healthier. . . Then I WILL move on to the rest of the world, with help of course. The #CleopatrasArmy movement has only just begun. If you want to become a part of this movement, have a similar movement, want to just help in general, please let me know. I can be hard to reach sometimes but I am always looking for people with the same goals as me.

Now you know what I’m about. Remember this.


Starting Off Right

BTS filming with NY.Coming

IMG_7231 IMG_7232 IMG_7239 IMG_7241 IMG_7244 IMG_7246 IMG_7280 IMG_7322 IMG_7326 IMG_7331

“Hard work beats talent every time.”

I don’t know who was the first person to say this but it has stuck with me ever since the first time my father said it to me. When I feel myself slacking I repeat it in my head. Why? To remind me that someone out there can take my spot just by working hard. Just because I have talent does not mean I am entitled to anything. That is why I work so hard. That is why I am going to take advantage of this new year and continue on the right foot.

I have great new all across the board. First off, my next Cleopatra’s Army class is being held on February 28th, 2015. I’ll be posting more about that on all my social networks so STAY TUNED.  In addition, I am currently being interview by NY.Coming. They have been following me around for a couple of days and getting all the behind the scenes and inside scoops of my busy schedule. From photo shoots to workouts you guys will be able to see a information filled episode, once we finishing filming of course. I’ll be providing the link for that as well when everything is complete.

If you guys recall,  I am a supporter of the #FreeTheNipple campaign.   Some ByAjani’s photography is now being featured on t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. (I am very happy for him). One of the photos being used is a picture of my boobs. If I’ve been on a shirt before, I was properly credited so this is a nice little surprise. Here’s a little preview . . .

Photo Jan 31, 7 13 22 PM
The shirts are being sold by a company called Gold Rebel NYC.

I have another interview with the host of DaniiTV coming up this month. That episode will be on youtube for all of you awesome people to watch.  Don’t worry, way more info on that coming your way. And last but certainly not least I was featured in Arsenic Magazine for the second time. Go check it out here!

I’m so happy my vision is starting to come to life. I will continue to spread the positive energy of #CleopatrasArmy and I hope all of you become a part of my movement. What a wonderful start to 2015.

Go Seahawks !



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