Mission Statement

Seeing what is wrong with the world is only half the battle, trying to change it is the other half.

IMG_6223 IMG_6227 IMG_6228 IMG_6237 IMG_6243 IMG_6250 IMG_6251 IMG_6258 IMG_6267 IMG_6269 IMG_6279 IMG_6216I , Cleopatra Lee am writing this, so incase I die tomorrow you all know what I stood for.

My mission, and the mission of My army, Cleopatra’s Army is very important. My plan is to help make the world healthier and stronger. I want to show people that the human body is capable of so many things and it is a waste to just lay your body on the couch all day and eat food full of harmful chemicals. I want to show men and women that it is your body and you choose what you want to do with it, but making helpful choices won’t hurt. I want people to say “Wow that Cleopatra is really passionate about her work, she means what she says,” because I really do. I want to bring the world closer to nature like we were before. I will change the world from what it is today to its greatest potential or die trying.

So leave all the hateful comments you want, make inappropriate pages about me, disclaim my movement, twist my words, and all other types of terrible things. . . But you will not stop me or my army. My mission is what I am choosing to fight for, if you want the same things as I do- you’re already apart of the movement. Now let’s work towards greatness together.

Story behind the pictures: Ajani and I woke up yesterday, put on some of our workout gear and trooped over to the Bronx. We finally arrived at a spot we have been trying to take pictures at for almost a year now, by some train tracks. Then we moved on to take pictures in front of some dope graffiti. And of course this wasn’t my first time standing on top of a truck, via my last post. Happy 1 year Anniversary to Ajani and I though.


Cleopatra’s Army Prepares For Battle

IMG_6063IMG_6054IMG_6074 IMG_6103 IMG_6119 IMG_6124 IMG_6142 IMG_6169I am proud to announce that this weekend, Saturday November 15th and Sunday November 16th, I will be holding my first bootcamp. Cleopatra’s Army Bootcamp is not my first experience as an instructor but I have never instructed alone, this will be my first time. I wanted to do something aside from Double A Fitness, that would work all parts of the body so I decided to create this beginners bootcamp.

People tend to complain about being outdoors for more than 5 minutes when the weather gets colder. I am here to tell you that even though the bootcamp is outdoors during November, if you do the workouts as instructed you won’t be cold. You will be bringing your body temperature up and working up a sweat.

As far as clothing goes what I’m wearing in the awesome pics above will do just fine.  I’ll be wearing pretty much the same outfit during the two sessions this weekend.  A hoodie (not to be worn while training however), a long sleeve fitted shirt, spandex, and sneakers that are made to train in (not Roshe Run sneakers, they are strictly a lifestyle shoe).

The sneakers are train in are heavenly. IMG_6070The Nike Zoom Agility sneakers are so comfortable to train in. I tried them for the first time at a Nike Training Club event and just knew I had to have them. My favorite part of the sneaker is definitely the bottom. The hexagons make so many exercises easier because they add cushioning where your feet hit the ground the most. Now I am not saying you have to wear these sneakers, these are just my top choice.

I cannot wait to see everyone who will be joining me at the Cleopatra’s Army Bootcamp this weekend. It is only $10 per session and will only require a little over an hour of your time. Come out, and sweat with me!

Again, thank you to Ajani for taking these amazing photos. Also a big shootouts to the artist Vew who created the Nike design on the truck. As for the flyer in the header, thank you to Andy Mac for capturing me. I am surrounded by talented people!

My Untitled Diet

I have been asked so many questions about my diet so this is me covering some FAQs.


Grabbing a quick drink at Rejuvenate.
Grabbing a quick drink at Rejuvenate.

I was raised as a vegetarian and the first time I ever had any kind of junk food, I was six years old and it was the fun size bag of skittles. My eating went downhill from there up until about a few years ago, I decided it was time to do the smart thing and take care of my body.

Now, I have pretty much tried it all and I am no longer a vegetarian, so to speak. Although I have tried a lot of junk food I AM OVER IT. I don’t drink soda, eat fried foods, or any kind of food that contains ingredients that even google barely knows.  I especially DO NOT EAT FAST FOOD. My diet is pretty simply yet intricate. I am aware that kind of makes no sense.

My reason for saying “so to speak” to the vegetarian part is because I will not eat any kind of meat unless I know every detail of the slain animal’s life. For example, place like McDonald’s, Burger King, or even Boar’s Head meat from the Bodega don’t fly with me anymore. I’ve seen the movies like Food Inc. and Supersize Me and I have even read the book Fast Food Nation. I am way too educated to sit around and poison my body. In order for me to eat meat, I need it to be as fresh as possible and for it to have been properly taken care of. Properly taken care of means it was kept in clean conditions and fed proper food (food not made by humans). I’ll stop there because, what they feed the animals is another discussion entirely.

I have been drinking soy milk since my mother stopped breast feeding, I couldn’t drink real milk even if I tried. Now I am transitioning to Almond Milk because I am slightly spooked about the new found dangers of soy milk. When I make my protein shakes, I make them with almond milk now. In addition, I don’t drink anything aside from water/coconut water, DripDrop, and the juices from Rejuvenate Juice Bar. These are all healthy choices to keep me away from horrible things like grape soda.

What makes it easy for me to have this kind of diet is I was already raised on it, so it’s merely a “coming home” for me. I realize it could be a lot harder for someone who has been eating junk most of their life. I eat this way because I care about my body. I hope this covered most, if not all, of your questions.

Free The Nipple

It’s your body and you choose what you want to do with it. Know that all your actions have consequences good or bad.

It took me about a year to figure out where I stand on this topic. Trust me when I tell you I could not fit all my thoughts into one blog post but I am open to discussion and feedback. To be quite honest, I even hesitated to make this post!

I’m not quite sure what to label it but it’s the problem about women’s nudity. How a man’s chest is approved for the public to see but it’s not quite the same for women. Why is that?

People may or may not judge me for this post, I don’t care. I agree with the whole “free the nipple” concept to a certain extent. I don’t agree with it when it’s over sexualized and raunchy however, if men can walk around topless, women should be able to as well. I know I’m only 18 and my friends and family are probably having mini heart attacks right now from the picture I used for instagram but, I think this is important.

If you want to be covered up that is your choice. Me personally, I would rather have a shirt on. The pictures I took are for support but, I’d rather keep my chest covered. You will never catch me outside completely topless. I just feel women who choose to be topless should not be criticized. What happened to the human body being a work of art? What happened to equality?

There are many reasons why people find this inappropriate “It’s not lady like, what about rape, you’re supposed to leave men guessing, etc.” Think about all this before you even go outside with your boobs out or post a picture like that. It is up to you to decide.

I think the human body is a beautiful thing no matter whose body it is. That’s part of the reason why being a trainer is important to me, people are trusting me to help sculpt their body, their work of art.

How to get rid of dark armpits

I literally took this sloppy, rushed picture a minute ago, just so you guys could see.
I literally took this sloppy, rushed picture a minute ago, just so you guys could see.

Before I start , I just want to say ladies . . . You’re welcome. I had no other pictures of my armpits so this is what you guys got ! This a just a spontaneous post so don’t expect great photos.

If you’re like me, you hate hairy armpits and shave/nair/wax so you don’t see any kind of fuzz emerging from the place where your arms and the rest of your body meet. The constant shaving and application of deodorant can cause the skin where your armpits meet to darken.

First of all , buy aluminum free deodorant and your problems are solved. I use Tom’s natural products. Make sure, if you decide to buy some, it says aluminum free because they do sell ones that contain aluminum.

You’re probably reading this like “That’s it?”, but yes it’s simple. When you make the transition from aluminum to aluminum free deodorant, you’re skin will start to peel. DO NOT PANIC. It is completely normal, it’s basically your skin adjusting to the healthier product. Dead skin will begin to come off.

I would suggest going with the waxing route. Can you believe they sell wax in places like CVS, so you don’t have to go to the salon if you don’t want to? Just be careful. I choose waxing over things like nair and veet because of all the harmful chemicals they use to remove body hair.

I hope this works for you all. I’ve been giving out a lot of skin advice lately.

What does Cleopatra use on her skin?

IMG_3143And the answer to that question is Derma E. You know any product I’m using on my body has to be natural and that’s just what Derma E products are. I use three of their skin care products and I adore them. They’re safe, paraben free, and eco friendly.

I get asked a lot of questions about my skin and how I keep it clear. The Derma E product I use for that is called the Exfoliating Mask with fruit enzymes and Dead Sea Salt. It’s the kind of mask you use one to two times a week. It deep cleans and detoxifies and aside from soap, it’s the only product I have been using to clean my face

2013070315474619550_medClearly, I am an extremely active person and I do a lot with my hands that can cause them to be dry and rough. Things like boxing or exercising on the bars can cause my hands to be eternally rough. Ha! Derma E gave me a solution for that problem though. . . It’s their Vitamin E Intensive Therapy Hand Creme. When my hands get dry or rough, I have it right by my side. I was getting tired of people asking me why my hands are so rough.


Last but not least, Derma E’s Soothing Eye Gel. Don’t you hate when you have places to be almost as soon as you wake up, and you happen to wake up with under-eye puffiness? Well my friends, that is just one of the things the Soothing Eye Gel is for. I use it once in the morning and once in the evening. It’s purpose is to reduce fine lines, puffiness, and other things like crows feet. Who doesn’t want their face to continue looking young?


If you want clearer, more younger looking skin, Derma E is one of the best possible choices. It’s also great that their products are natural so you would be doing your body a favor and avoiding harsh chemicals. This is just three of their products but there are so many more. Go check them out here.

Drinking at different BARZ .

I’ve been asking myself lately “Cleo, what the heck took you so long to begin your fitness journey?” . . . You want to know why I’ve been pondering that?! It’s because I’ve met some amazing people these past couple of months. Bartendaz that has blown me away. I am honored to be a part of this group and in doing so, inspiring other people to want to join the movement.

IMG_2839 IMG_2833


Allow me to introduce the man who started the Bartendaz movement many years ago Giant a.k.a. Hassan Yasin a.k.a. the BarFather. He has easily become one of my mentors and in just two weeks helped me a lot. I admire people who are passionate and aren’t all talk and that is exactly the kind of person Giant is. He is this week’s “New Yorker of the week” via NY1 news. You can catch us both in the segment here. Sadly, they didn’t use my one on one interview *sheds tear*.

If you thought that Bartendaz was strictly a guy thing, trust me I am not the first female to be a Bartenda.

IMG_2434Meet my sister in arms Earth! She has been a Bartenda longer than me and it shows. She helped train me my first day exercising with the Bartendaz. It’s cool learning from someone who you can relate to. There are more males in Bartendaz than there all females, but that would NEVER intimidate us.

IMG_2828Butterfly and Frenchie are two other women I have met while Bartending. They both showed me some awesome moves to work on my core and I can’t wait to use them in my next class. 

All of you should check out the Bartendaz website if you want to learn more about us. BartendazNYC.com



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