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IMG_2528 Thank the Universe because I finally held my first l fitness class on August 23rd, 2014.  Not to toot my own horn but it was successful. I am very proud of Essence and I for making this all come together.

Also, a special thanks to one of our sponsors DripDrop. I am an official DripDrop ambassador and I thought it would be wonderful for all the ladies participating in the class to try it out for themselves. My favorite flavor is lemon and I strongly suggest you guys try it out for yourselves! It is a tasty way to stay hydrated. You can purchase DripDrop at CVS and Walgreens.

Yes, there are other parts to your body that need to be exercised, but in this class we are focusing on two. These days a lot of women really want a tight, flat stomach and a nice round booty and my job is to try and give that to them!

We got great feedback from the class. I can’t wait for the next one we are having on September 20th. . . And this time with a special guest! I hope more and more ladies sign up for the class, I love teaching and helping others. The class costs $20 and will be held in Manhattan just like the last time. Water and DripDrop will always be provided.

Thank you to ByAjani for these amazing pictures. This is a FAQ but yes you can book him for a shoot. Just visit his website and hit him up. #CleopatrasArmy


Rejuvenate Juice Bar

IMG_1414 IMG_1426 IMG_1430 IMG_1436 IMG_1441 IMG_1460 IMG_1471Recently I stumbled across a gem of a juice bar in Harlem. Rejuvenate Juice Bar basically saved my life. In my journey towards being the healthiest me I have to have healthy drinks too. I can’t just go around drinking something that contains only 5% juice. Now when I finish a workout and I need a protein boost, you know exactly where I’m headed.

Rejuvenate Juice Bar makes fresh juices, smoothies, patties, and sometimes soup. My favorite smoothies so far are the Cool Breeze and the Sunrise so I recommend them to EVERYONE. The guy behind the bar Nigel Bennett is a great guy. Not only does he make great beverages but he also gives the juice bar a very friendly feeling. I hate going to places and feeling like I am talking to a bunch of robots that make my food.

Honestly, this place is perfect and healthy. I wouldn’t be giving you guys the scoop on this place if it wasn’t. I think everyone should stop by Rejuvenate juice bar and pick something up. I guarantee you’ll adore it. Rejuvenate is located on 171-B West 133rd Street between 7th & Lenox Avenue in Harlem. Make your way over there and tell them Cleopatra sent you!

All photos taken by Ajani.



The Champ is Here

IMG_1226 IMG_1241 IMG_1250 IMG_1260 IMG_1291 IMG_1372 IMG_1402Someone please phone Floyd Mayweather, I am coming for his spot! I am totally kidding but guess what everyone. . . I officially started boxing this past Saturday and let me tell you, I am beyond excited.

Let me introduce my wonderful trainer Joshua ” Iron Boy ” Gonzalez. He has been boxing pretty much his entire life and is going pro soon, so you know I am honored to be learning from him. It was only our first day of training and he told me I was a faster learner (which of course made me happy). He trains me at up in the boogie down Bronx at the Willis Avenue Boxing Gym. They host a bunch of boxing events and its honestly an awesome place. If you want to get into boxing and you’re from NYC, I strongly encourage you to sign up at this gym.

Why did I choose pink gloves and hand wraps you ask? With every purchase of pink gloves/hand wraps Everlast donates money to breast cancer research. Green is my favorite color but trust me it wasn’t a hard choice.

If I do something, I put my all into it. I do not plan on fighting in the ring but you never know, plans can change. For now I will just be doing boxing training. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. I cannot wait to show you guys my new skills.

All of these photos were taken by Ajani.



Park Your Fit

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People rely on the gym entirely too much. Don’t get me wrong , you can get a great workout and good experiences at the gym but, that’s not the only place to get fit. Me personally, I love exercising in parks. I’m sure you can tell because a lot of my pictures are taken in the great outdoors. I do a lot of track workouts and I prefer outdoor tracks as oppose to indoor ones.

I like working out outside more because I get fresh air and a lot more space to myself. If you live in New York like me however, during the winter months it’s too cold to complete workouts outdoors, that’s when I hit the gym.

Don’t just take my word for it though, see how you like carrying out your workouts outdoors. It’s summer, enjoy the gorgeous weather. Parks are a great place to start !

All photos taken by by Ajani .

My make up was done by Sabre.


Pretty Girls Sweat and the Gym Rat Race

Shameless Maya & I.

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A quick icebreaker before our 45 minute workout.
Miss Grand Haiti and myself.


Personal trainer/ Mentor Rebecca and I.
Personal trainer/ Mentor Rebecca and I.

IMG_0290IMG_9958IMG_0250 IMG_0292 IMG_0298Is it not obvious that I love PRETTY GIRL SWEAT ?! Yesterday’s event was fabulous. I had so much fun working out with these wonderful ladies. Youtube sensation Shameless Maya was in attendance, not only did she participate in the Gym Rat Race but she also spoke about her fitness background among other things. There were great prizes given out and good vibes all around.

Now you’re probably wondering what on earth is a Gym Rat Race? The Gym Rat Race is a method of getting fit created by trainer Courtney Alexander. I thought it was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to bond with the other girls.

There was one thing that happened yesterday that touched me most of all. A young lady named Miyoshi approached me and told me how much I inspired her. It made me feel great and I know I can’t stop now.  I have people like Miyoshi counting on me. These events are so great because you can exercise and help empower or be empowered. I hope now even more girls will register for the next event.

All photos taken by Ajani.



La Casa Day Spa






I’m happy to let my readers know that I have officially done my first commercial. The commercial was for a lovely spa located in lower Manhattan called La Casa Day Spa. I go to La Casa Day Spa for colonics and the owner thought it would be a good idea for me to let everyone know how I feel about this great place.

If you don’t know who, what, where, when about this spa, I suggest you head to the website here. Trust me, you would love the calming atmosphere and the lovely staff. There are some spas that don’t really teach about health and wellness and focus more on just taking your money but La Casa Day Spa is not like that at all. Since I have been going there I have learned so many new things that are helping me on my journey to becoming the healthiest me I can be. Even the wonderful woman who performs the colonic therapy on me, Cher, is a two time cancer survivor. I thought that was just amazing!

Like I said before, I go specifically for colonics. . . However there are many other options to choose from. For those of you who do not know what a colonic is, you can read about it on their website here. Colonics have definitely helped my body and especially my flat stomach. I suggest you all go to La Casa Spa and cleanse your bodies.


Essence World meets CleopatraFit

IMG_9100 IMG_9137 IMG_9142 IMG_9225 IMG_9240 IMG_9260 IMG_9299 IMG_9312 IMG_9329 IMG_9336 (1) IMG_9340 IMG_9343 IMG_9352 IMG_9399 Surrounding myself with motivated young women is ideal. That’s why I would like to introduce Essence, she is the first person I will be doing a “fitness collab” with.  There’s a lot more to Essence than just a pretty face. She raps, she’s a working girl and does a lot of exercise too.

Well the both of us have a surprise for all you ladies. In August we will be hosting an exercise class in NYC! It’s in the works & trust me it’s going to be fantastic. I’ll spill some secrets later but for right now that’s all the info you need. Get ready for our takeover.

Hope you enjoy the photos, we went through a lot to get these great shots in Central Park. All the photos were taken by Ajani.

The official website of Cleopatra Lee


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